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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands in Dallas TX 

The Perfect Solution To Encourage Hand Hygiene.


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The Handy-Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand is sleek, decorative and functional.   With its all steel construction and powder coated finish, it is perfect indoors or outside. The Handy-Stand is lightwieght and portable yet sturdy with a broad base that includes anti ski pads for stability.   Floor Stand and Desktop models are available. Handy-Stands are available for sale or rental.  Contact our office direct for rental rates.
























The Handy-Stand is designed to be used with an automatic, touch-free sanitizer dispenser.  The stand may be purchased with or without the dispenser included and has universal mounting options.  

The hand sanitizer dispenser that GermStop sells with the Handy-Stand has a  refillable 1000ml tank and can be used with any liquid or gel sanitizer.  The dispenser may also be purchased separately.



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